Friday, April 3, 2009

CAPS Beat 1121 Meeting Update

The CAPS Beat 1121 monthly meeting (for the people that live South of Division Street) is held on the first Thursday of the month at 6PM at Association House 1116 N. Kedzie (see calendar for future meetings).

At this month's meeting, the beat officers reported that there was about a 30% increase in arrests over the previous month. This is GREAT news. WHY? At first, it would be easy to say that crime is up - that's not really the case. Beat 1121 extends from Division Street on the North all the way down to Garfield Park on the South and encompasses a large drug infested area near Chicago Ave. In that area, there is perpetual crime associated with the drug dealing. So, there wasnt more crime on the beat , they just CAUGHT more offenders. Now, this area is South of the boundaries for TUBWHP, but the problems there can spill over into our area, so it is a good thing that the police are being succesful there.

The officers cite 2 reasons for this increase; first, Beat 1121 residents have been really persistant in giving DETAILED information to the officers as to crime on their blocks (this comes in the form of exact addresses, times of day, makes and models and license plate numbers of cars being used in drug trafficking etc.); second, there is an added task force working the area. This means more cars on the street to respond to 911 calls and more cars to sneak around and catch the persons in the act. Either way, it's great to see more arrests going into the warmer seasons.

On an odd note, it was reported that there have been several instances of gangbangers actually tee-ing up golf balls in alleys and trying to hit cars driving down the alley for fun. Keep your eyes open for golf balls laying around in your alleys or yards.

And to repeat a warning from the Beat 1422 meeting, there have been reports of gangbangers throwing rocks and bottles at cars (for no apparent reason) near Division Street and Spaulding.

Next meeing will be on Thursday May 7th at 6PM at Association House 1116 N. Kedzie.