Thursday, April 2, 2009

CAPS Beat 1422 April Meeting Recap

The CAPS meeting for Beat 1422 (North of Division Street) is always on the first Wednesday of the month at 7PM. The meeting location alternates between the Hispanic Housing Office at 1402 N. Kedzie and Simons Park at 1640 N. Drake. (check our calendar for exact dates and places).

At this month's meeting, there seemed to be more good news than bad. First the bad. With the effort to push gangbangers and drug dealers away from the 3300 blocks of Crystal and Potomac, it seems that more problems have emerged near Division and Homan. Several complaints of gangbangers intimidating and harassing pedestrians and people waiting at the bus stop were reported. Even more alarming was the rise in harassment to passing vehicles. This has come in the shape of throwing rocks at passing cars, intimidating drivers waiting at the red lights, and in a few cases suspects waiving guns at drivers. PLEASE KEEP YOUR WITS ABOUT YOU AT THIS INTERSECTION, AND REPORT ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY TO 911.

There continues to be a large gangbanger presence and drug dealing going on at the 3300 block of Evergreen. Please report any loitering, drinking on the public way,and drug dealing to 911.

And now some good news. With the help of Police Officers Roger Williams and Brock Merck, the junk commercial trucks located at 1216 N. Kedzie on the vacant lots have disappeared. Through the efforts of writing tickets and pressuring the owners of the vehicles, the officers let it be known that West Humboldt Park is NOT the place to dump your problems anymore!!

And now the GREAT news. 4 incidents have resulted in arrests; one of our neighbors that had been threatened was vindicated when the alleged perpetrator was apprehended; next, some graffiti "artists" were arrested in the act(these people were admitted gangbangers spraying gang symbols) near North Ave. and Drake; and finally 2 seperate vehicle stops resulted in confiscated handguns- the guns were loaded, and the people arrested were gangbangers from outside of our neighborhood looking for trouble.

Thank You and congratulations to the brave men and women of the 14th District.

Please don't forget, the 14th District CAPS Appreciation Dinner will be held on Wednesday April 29th from 6PM to 9PM at Armitage Babtist Church, 2451 N. Kedzie. RSVP by calling 312-744-1261. (See calendar ).

Next Meeting will be on Wednesday May 6th at 7PM at Simons Park 1640 N. Drake.