Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Event a BIG Success!!!

PHOTOS: Top - TUBWHP member Rich Karwowski straps on his waders to clean up the ponds .
Middle: The Roeser's Bakery Family gathers around a tree planted in memory of John's father.
Bottem: The TUBWHP crew poses in front of the Stable after a successful clean-up.
Approximately 25 friends and neighbors showed up to help The United Blocks of West Humboldt Park perform their annual pond clean-up during the 2009 Earth Day Event at Humboldt Park. The weather was great, and the pond wasn't nearly as full of debris as in past years(hopefully a sign of more good things to come). However, a large pile of hypodermic needles was discovered in the area. One possible bi-product of the nearby clinics and needle exchange programs in the area.
After the clean-up, the crew headed over to the Boathouse to rest and have lunch in the sunshine. Over 500 people attended, and spread out over the entire park to clean up litter and mulch trees for the upcoming season. About 20 volunteers from the nation-wide volunteer group, "One Brick" were also on hand to beautify our park - thanks One Brick!!!
Also, the Tree Keepers organization was on hand to tend to some trees, educate some new naturists, and plant a couple of trees. Two of these trees were in memory of folks who have passed away that were very interested in Humboldt Park.
The United Blocks of West Humboldt Park also partnered with Growing Pride (the garden club of Humboldt Park) to have a table for kids activities during the afternoon. The kids were taught how to replant flowers into an individual container to be brought home. The flowers can then be planted at home, or given to mom for Mother's Day.
All in all, it was a great turnout, great weather, and the park now looks........ GREAT!!!
As a reminder, April 25th is Mayor Daley's annual "clean 'n green" day. So any folks that want to clean up their alleys or streets can contact Streets and Sanitation to get brooms, shovels, etc.
Simply call 311 and tell them you want to participate, and they will get you set up. Or just use your own brooms and shovels. Either way, lets make our neighborhood beautiful!